Support Missouri Small Businesses

We must invest in the success of Missouri small businesses.

There is no doubt that small businesses are the backbone of Missouri’s economy. They serve as the lifeblood of many of our towns, bringing revenue that stimulates local economies. As Treasurer, I will work to make sure that any entrepreneur with a strong work ethic and a dream will be able to pursue it.

  1. I will continue to practice of current Treasurer Clint Zweifel and keep interest rates low for our small business owners. Entrepreneurs need access to capital at the beginning of their endeavor, and I will work hard to make sure they receive that capital at the lowest rate possible.
  2. As Treasurer, I will work to reinvigorate businesses in our urban cores of Kansas City and St. Louis. These two cities are vital to the state of the economy in Missouri. With my plan for low interest rates and increased capital, I hope to encourage businesses to start and stay in Missouri.

A vital aspect to providing access to entrepreneurship means ensuring Missouri provides opportunities for success and growth. To me, that is a clear call for efficiency, especially in our tax practices. I recognize that neither the employees nor employers wish to be burdened by unproductive tax use, and so I will work diligently to make sure our taxes are used purposefully and efficiently so that everyone, including small businesses, can have the opportunities and capital to thrive.

adminSupport Missouri Small Businesses