Strengthen Our Unions

We must invest in our workers and their rights.

My father always told me that being a member of a union was more than just being a part of an organization; being a union member meant being a part of a family. For too long, members of the General Assembly have tried to weaken that family with dangerous anti-union legislation. As Treasurer, I will work to keep our unions strong and our middle class growing.

  1. I will stand with my union family against dangerous “Right to Work” legislation that would systematically break down the unions that so many rely on. Among their many contributions, unions have brought us the 40 hour work week, weekends, ended child labor laws, and paved the way for The Family and Medical Leave Act. Their accomplishments helped protect our workers and strengthen the middle class, and I will stand by them as they get attacked by those who want to see unions weaker.
  2. Standing against “Right to Work” also means standing against “Paycheck Deception” legislation. This legislation would force burdensome regulations upon unions that weaken their right to free speech. Additionally, paycheck deception is, as ALEC has stated on multiple occasions, a stepping stone for Right to Work. As Treasurer, I will work hard to keep paycheck deception from hurting Missouri families.

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