Giving Students a Voice

We must invest in the future of student representation.

It is imperative that we give students the opportunity to work with University administrations to create a stronger educational system at which all students can learn and grow. Therefore, as Treasurer, I will work with the Governor to add a voting member to all Boards of Curators, Boards of Governors, and other university advising boards for all public universities in the state. Currently, most boards only have a non-voting student curator, which leaves that member unable to act on or officially express the opinion of the entire student body. When the student body feels disenfranchised and unable to have an opinion on the direction of the University, they will resort to protests and civil disobedience to gain leverage with the University. Establishing voting rights to the student member on these boards will help students voice their opinion, while also avoiding any further incidents like the one seen at the University of Missouri last year. If we truly respect our students, we must give them a voice on our decision making boards.

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