Fight Economic Discrimination Against LGBTQ Missourians

We must invest in the equal protection of all Missourians, regardless of sexual orientation.

The business community has spoken loud and clear. Any legislation that allows individuals to discriminate against the LGBTQ community is deplorable, and will not be accepted in this state. I proudly stand with the Chamber of Commerce and several other institutions in staunchly opposing any and all discriminatory legislation. Businesses and citizens alike have spoken, and we want to move Missouri forward, not back into the 20th century.

The Missouri Nondiscrimination Act (MONA) would guarantee that LGBTQ Missourians would not face workplace or housing discrimination. Every Missourian who is left without adequate housing or safe working conditions is one more person at risk for leaving Missouri altogether. I want to make sure Missouri talent, skills, and expertise stay in Missouri by working together with the General Assembly to pass MONA. It is the General Assembly that funds the schools and institutions of higher learning that educate LGBTQ Missourians, yet Missouri businesses can then turn them away once they want to give back to their communities. MONA will confirm that every person born, raised, educated, and trained in Missouri can live safely and productively in Missouri. And it could even encourage talented, smart, and hardworking Americans from other states to consider Missouri as their next home.

adminFight Economic Discrimination Against LGBTQ Missourians