Eliminate Scams and Predatory Banking

We must invest in the financial security and stability of all Missourians.

The predatory practices of payday lenders and loan sharks are trapping people into debt that they have no opportunity to pay back. With some interest rates skyrocketing to over 400%, individuals who need capital for emergency purposes destroy their entire financial future. As Treasurer, I will work to put the payday lenders out of business, and encourage individuals to take loans out at stable financial institutions.

  1. As Treasurer, I will introduce the underbanked into the stable banking community. This includes helping individuals set up simple accounts, such as checking and savings account. This will help discourage the use of predatory payday lenders.
  2. Additionally, I believe that a family emergency, such as a family member needing surgery, should not jeopardize the entire financial future of that family. Additionally, I will work with local banks to raise loan limits for individuals in times of crises.

Businesses across the country thrive by preying on our senior citizens. As Treasurer, I will work alongside the Secretary of State to identify those predatory businesses and protect our seniors from falling into their traps. Our seniors have given us a lifetime of service in our communities, and I want to make sure they are protected from those who wish to make a quick buck at their expense.

adminEliminate Scams and Predatory Banking