For the Good of Missouri

No student should feel they can’t attend college because it costs too much.  No senior citizen or veteran should have to decide between paying rent or putting food on the table. No entrepreneur, farmer or small business owner should have to look outside of Missouri for the resources needed to thrive. No hard-working Missourian should have to revert to high-cost, alternative financial services because there aren’t enough stable, financial options for Missouri families.

I know the financial struggles working families face because I’ve lived it. I’ve seen it in my home, and in my community. Missouri needs a Treasurer who not only understands through experience, but has the knowledge to do the job.

Missouri was built on hard work.  It’s what we know. I’m running for Missouri Treasurer to honor that hard work – to fight for each and every Missourian, no matter what ZIP code you live in.

Income inequality and a shrinking middle class are the most pressing economic issues in our lifetime.  With people’s livelihoods on the line, Missouri families deserve a leader they can depend on.  Too much is at stake to let career politicians run the Treasurer’s office.  Missouri deserves a Treasurer who won’t play politics with Missouri’s economy or Missouri families.

For the good of Missouri, it’s time we send someone to Jefferson City who will put Missouri first.


Hard Work   

“Work hard, and everything else will work out,” my parents always told me.

Although my parents divorced when I was nine years old, each, in their own way, taught me early in life to work hard, fight for what you believe in and to serve others.

Before my father, Bobby, got his stable union job as a lineman and became an International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) member with a Kansas City utility company, he was a steelworker by day and a janitor by night.  Unexpected hardship once forced him to live in the basement of a group house in the inner city.  He never gave up.  He worked hard, and is now retired with a pension that he wouldn’t have had without his union job.

No one hustles harder than a single mom.  My mother, Lola, was a civil servant, sometimes juggling multiple jobs to put food on the table when times got tough for my father.  My mother did whatever she could, sometimes taking on additional work. She once started a home-based business while serving tables at a burger joint so my sister and I had enough to eat.  My mother’s hustle never stopped. She now works at the Kansas City Police Department to ensure that our men and women in uniform have the resources they need to protect and serve.

I’m running for Treasurer to fight for people like my father, so that so that hard-working Missourians can collectively bargain for better wages and benefits they deserve.

I’m running for Treasurer to fight for people like my mom, so that women can have  financial stability and pay equity to not just get by, but move up the economic ladder.

I’m running to fight for people like my younger sister, Jessica and her two children. Jessica deserves paid family leave, so that she can save for her children’s future, have access to education and economic conditions in which her growing family can thrive.


Experience Matters

Determined to honor the hard work of my parents, I earned a scholarship and became the first person in my family to go to college. I graduated with honors from Saint Louis University with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Bachelor of Arts in International Studies.

After college, I began my career at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. I took my economics education and combined it with real, hands-in-the-dirt policymaking to devise strategies to help unbanked families get access to traditional banking products for the first time, changing their financial future.

I wanted to learn where else I could make a difference in the community. I returned to St. Louis to become a Coro Fellow in Public Affairs. During this fellowship, I managed a St. Louis City alderman campaign, worked at McCormack Baron Salazar to make housing more affordable, created a plan to expand greenways at Great Rivers Greenway, cleaned up neighborhoods at St. Louis County Department of Public Works and helped expand union membership at Sprinklerfitters Local 268.

The experience in St. Louis inspired me to earn a Master of Public Administration from Columbia University in New York City. After graduation, I immediately volunteered to serve as a frontline civilian with the U.S. Department of State.

As a commissioned U.S. Foreign Service Officer during both the Bush and Obama administrations, I served tours of duty in Pakistan and Mexico where I worked on national security interests. I also worked to strengthen U.S.- European ties and foster U.S. investment to create American jobs at the State Department in Washington, D.C.

In a job where experience and leadership matter, I’m committed to working across the aisle to ensure a prosperous future for all Missourians.


A Career of Service

After completing my tours of duty overseas and in our nation’s capital, I came home to Missouri.

Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders appointed me to serve on the Veterans Task Force to help veterans receive benefits and services.

As Treasurer, I want to use the office as a way of continuing to serve Missouri’s veterans by ensuring that they have the opportunities and resources to succeed in their business endeavors, and that their children have the means to pursue the American Dream they fought to protect. As Treasurer, I will establish a 529 program specifically for children of veterans.

I’m committed to investing in Missouri. I understand the struggles Missouri families face and will fight for every Missourian to have the opportunities they need to succeed.  My work has always been about fighting for the most vulnerable among us – our working families, seniors, students, veterans and the differently abled – making the Treasurer’s office a tool to fight for all of Missouri, for the good of Missouri.  

“I like bringing people together, finding out what the big issues are, and trying to solve those problems.”

-Pat Contreras


For the good of Missouri and a future that provides opportunity for all, we are placing this campaign in your hands. Together, we will build movement powered by our millennials, not the millionaires.